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Our Why

We love connecting with people and exploring new places. The stories we witness are what drive our passion and creativity. We believe that each story deserves to be told uniquely and with the precedence of being true to you. We live for those raw, unfiltered moments. Messy tears, bursts of laughter, bad dance moves, and the kind of love that gets your heart beating faster. We are so lucky to have found our calling in documenting these moments and feelings.


Courtney Paradis

Filmmaker // Creative Direction

Brian Paradis

Founder // Filmmaker // Editor

I began filming weddings back in 2016. I had never picked up a camera before then, but after tagging along at a few weddings with Brian I was hooked. I love being in nature whether that be hanging in my backyard, hiking, running, or visiting the national parks. It's where I'm most at home. I'm a self-proclaimed interior designer and have always been drawn to create and seek beauty in my surroundings. I live for the simple things in life- a home-cooked meal, reading a good book, sharing laughs with friends and family, porch-sitting, and just being present, wherever that may be.

I started Seven Foot Films as a whitewater kayaking film "company" in 2014. I've always enjoyed the outdoors - kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping... all the outside things. I have a constant desire to travel, whether it's the warm desert sun or a snow packed mountain summit - I find restoration and inspiration in these special kinds of places. Filmmaking and portraying what I see to others has always been a passion of mine. I love the nostalgic feeling that old home videos bring and believe in preserving memories as best that we can.


We are Seven Foot Films

and we want to tell your story.